The Rolling Stones

Title: The Rolling Stones

Caption: Rolling Stones - Ronnie Wood & Mick Jagger live at Earls Court in 1976

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Rolling Stones - Ronnie Wood & Mick Jagger live at Earls Court in 1976 Queen live at Wembley Arena, London. Freddy Mercury limited Edition of 100 prints for sale 20x24 inches. This was his last press conference at London's O2 Arena where he was announcing his up coming concerts. Limited Edition of 100 only Johnny Cash in 1980 available to buy signed and numbered by Danny Clifford Exclusive - St Patricks Day in London with Peter Doherty and Shane MacGowan. Oh what a jolly night we had. This photo seemed to get used all around the world from newspapers and magazines including Rolling Stone in USA. It's available to buy as a limited Edition of 100 only 20 x24 inches. Signed and numbered by Danny Clifford Exclusive Studio photo shoot with Oasis. Tokyo, Japan
November 20th 2005 Led Zeppelin's lead guitarist and all round legend. Jimmy does look different here, a bit like farmer Joe. We were out in a field in sunny Suffolk, UK on a lovely English summer2019s day. Jimmy and I had our wives and some of our kids with us. It was a very nice afternoon watching cricket. I still don2019t understand that game!! Shane MacGowan of The Pogues in the vocal booth at Sphere Studios, London during the recording of "I put a spell on you" in aid of Haiti earthquake victims I was in New York with Iron Maiden. It was one of those trips when all of the wives went as well. We were all staying a delightful little hotel on the upper East side. The photo in question was taken at Madison Square Garden in front of a sell out crowd. I really like this photo. The aftershow party was great as well as it was Bruce Dickinson's wife Patty's birthday. Portrait shoot with Ringo Starr. This was taken in the summer of 1978. On the day Ringo was wearing a Teddy Boy outfit. He is a lovely man and a real legend Glastonbury 2008. I was absolutely knocked out by his performance at Glastonbury. I had never photographed hum before. I was very familiar with his music though. He came onto the main stage and was fantastic. This exclusive photo was taken at AIR Lyndhurst Hall recording Studios, Hampstead, London. Dame Shirley Bassey, David Arnold and Gary Barlow. This was the very moment that Gary Barlow brought a new song that he has written for Dame Shirley and he sat down at the grand piano and played it to us for the first time. he played it and sung like he was performing in an arena. It was stunning... the song is called "This Time" and it is now on Dame Shirley's brilliant new album, The Performance. Nelson Mandela came to London to celebrate his 90th birthday. There was a big concert held in his honour in Hyde Park, London. Amy was amongst the performers on the night. Queen live at The Forum, Los Angeles, California, USA 1980 Surrey, England UK Thin Lizzy were a really big band back in the day. I was shooting a lot for a record label called Phonogram and more specifically their subsidiary called Vertigo. Lizzy were on Vertigo along with many others. Anyway, I did loads of work with Thin Lizzy for the label and the band. Phil Lynott was a lovely man who is sadly missed by probably millions of people. The Who performing at Leeds University 17th June 2006. Keith Moon late drummer with The Who seen here with Zak Starkey (son of Ringo Starr
- The Beatles). This Exclsuive photo was taken in Bob Henritts drum store in Wardour Street,
London in 1978 a short while before Keith Moon's tragic death. Years later Zak went on to become his replacemnt in The Who. Exclusive studio photoshoot with Amy. I think this was around 2004 Madonna opened up the MTV European Awards in Portugal. She came out onto the stage after bursting out og a big silver disco ball. Then stood right in front of me for all of 5 seconds. I must admit that I had a clue that is how it was going to be, so, I stood in the same spot for about 8 hours waiting. Had I moved then one of the other 4 photographers who were also allowed to shoot the show could have moved into my spot. I am really pleased that I did stand there like a lunatic for that length of time, because this photo ended up being used all over the world and still is used today. I am told that is becoming one of those Iconic Madonna shots. Which is nice!! Eric Clapton performing at Teenage Cancer Trust benefit concert. Royal Albert Hall 2003 Brian Wilson of The Beachboys performing at The Royal Festival Hall, London. UK. The one and only James Brown live in 1980. My friend and Sould legend Sam Moore said this is the best photo he has ever seen of James Brown. How nice of him. Shane MacGowan and I were sitting in the Boogaloo in Highgate North London all evening and after all of th epunters had left we were still there chatting at about 2:30 in the morning. Shane looked his usual amazing self and I just had to stop him talkning and take a nice portrait. I must say it was with a very wide angle lens and it shows some rather nice distortion and I really like that. Hammersmith Odeon Pete Doherty of Babyshambles performing at KOKO in Camden Town, London.UK April 29th 2005 Exclusive photo shoot with The Kings Of Leon. UK Tour 2004 Live at Wembley Arena, UK Formerly of The Beachboys. I met up with Brian and did an exclusive photo shoot a couple of hours before one of his legendary concerts at Hampton Court Palace in the UK Live at Leeds again. I was the only person allowed to photograph this show. The Who went back to Leeds University which is where they originally recorded their monumental album "Live at Leeds" That was claimed by many to be the best ever live album by any artist and I totally agree. Anyway, this was years later in the very same small but incredibly hot canteen in 2006 This photo was taken at the World Music Awards Exclusive portrait of Roger and Pete. There were hardly any photos of the two of them together, so, I thought I would give it a go and try and get them both together backstage at their concert at London's Royal Albert Hall. It happened  30 seconds before they went on stage. Afterwards, onlookers who knew them said to me, how did you manage that? It all went rather well. I was asked by the record label, Phonogram to get a really exciting actiion shot of the band for a poster campaign. This is what I came up with in 1978 and it was used on posters and billboards all over the world. Exclusive photo shoot with Pete Townshend of The Who. Shane MacGowan of The Pogues in the vocal booth at Sphere Studios, London during the recording of "I put a spell on you" in aid of Haiti earthquake victims Them Crooked Vultures (DAVE GROHL, JOSHUA HOMME & JOHN PAUL JONES) This photo was taken in 1978 when I was first became Bob's official photographer.