Paul MacCartney

Title: Paul MacCartney

Caption: This was actually Paul MacCartney and Wings. I took this isn 1976 in the UK somewhere, I think Wembley Arena nr London.

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. I went with the band down to Portsmouth, UK and shot the live show then after the show, before we headed back to London, we did some portraits backstage. This was in 1975, blimey, where does the time go eh! Lady Gaga Live at The Brit Awards 2009 Teenage Cancer Trust Royal Albert Hall 29th March 2010 I was in New York with Iron Maiden. It was one of those trips when all of the wives went as well. We were all staying a delightful little hotel on the upper East side. The photo in question was taken at Madison Square Garden in front of a sell out crowd. I really like this photo. The aftershow party was great as well as it was Bruce Dickinson's wife Patty's birthday. Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode Madonna opened up the MTV European Awards in Portugal. She came out onto the stage after bursting out og a big silver disco ball. Then stood right in front of me for all of 5 seconds. I must admit that I had a clue that is how it was going to be, so, I stood in the same spot for about 8 hours waiting. Had I moved then one of the other 4 photographers who were also allowed to shoot the show could have moved into my spot. I am really pleased that I did stand there like a lunatic for that length of time, because this photo ended up being used all over the world and still is used today. I am told that is becoming one of those Iconic Madonna shots. Which is nice!!  I was asked by the record label, Phonogram to get a really exciting actiion shot of the band for a poster campaign. This is what I came up with in 1978 and it was used on posters and billboards all over the world. Eric Clapton performing at Teenage Cancer Trust benefit concert. Royal Albert Hall 2003 The Arctic Monkeys performing at The Carling AcademyBirminghamUK on 8th February 2006 Limited Edition of 100 only Johnny Cash in 1980 available to buy signed and numbered by Danny Clifford   Tom Jones live at the The Royal Albert Hall. The concert was in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust TCT. Photo taken 2nd April 2004. .© Danny Clifford / Retna UK Credit all uses Obligatory Credit Danny Clifford This photo was taken in 1978 when I was first became Bob's official photographer. This was a charity event for Trekstock which is the brainchild of Sophie Epstone. Mark Ronson and many other musicians support this charity. The Who performing at Leeds University 17th June 2006. Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats performing at The Rainbow Theatre in London. Brian Wilson of The Beachboys performing at The Royal Festival Hall, London. UK. Lou Reed at the Rainbow Theatre in London in 1974. I was at school and I went into town on a bus. I sneaked my camera into the theatre and even managed to blag my way backstage and nearly got hit by a flying glass bottle that Lou Reed through at someone near me in the backstage corridor. Anyway, I managed to get about 6 or seven photos before I was picked up by securiy and thrown out. Robert Trujillo of Metallica. This photo was taken at Donington Music festival. Metallica flew in specially to perform a small secret gig in a tent at Donington. Robert played up to my camera which was rather nice of him. Rolling Stones - Ronnie Wood & Mick Jagger live at Earls Court in 1976 The one and only James Brown live in 1980. My friend and Sould legend Sam Moore said this is the best photo he has ever seen of James Brown. How nice of him. Queen live at Wembley Arena, London. Freddy Mercury limited Edition of 100 prints for sale 20x24 inches. Possibly the world's greatest guitarist, Jeff Beck performing here on his 60th birthday. Is this Elvis? No it's lead singer of The Bravery, Sam Endicott. I can remember if I took this shot in London or Tokyo.Anyway, when I look at this photo it does rather remind me of Elvis. Luciano Pavarotti live at the Royal Albert Hall in London King Henry VIII had a palace on the banks of the river Thames in London. Little did he know that some 500 odd years later Van Morrison would be performimg at Hampton Court Palace in England. It was a warm summers evening and all quite surreal. Frank Sinatra 1976 This was the start of George's world tour. I flew to Barcelona, Spain and checked into my hotel. Then later that day made my way by taxi out of town to the venue. When I got there I realised that it was so far out of town and no sign of any public transport. Anyway, in I went and shot the show. After the show I headed out wondering how I was going to get back to Barcelon. As I stood there thinking, the sky opened and we had a monumental downpour of rain. I was soaked through within about 30 seconds. There was nowhere to shelter. I was finally resuced by a fellow Spanish photopgrapher who was passing in his car. He drove me back to Barcelona. I jumped in a taxi for the last part of my trip.  I must admit I did laugh as I stood there absolutly soaked to my skin. Formerly of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters was performing this time at London's Hyde Park for Hard Rock Calling 2006 This photo was taken at the World Music Awards Charlton Football Ground 1976 at the Who Put The Boot in tour David Gilmour formerly of Pink Floyd performing at the Royal Abert Hall
 London UK on 30th May 2006 Hammersmith Odeon Well, this was the end of the last show for Cream at the Royal Albert Hall, London England. The three Sweaty men got together for this last bow out to the crowd. This was actually Paul MacCartney and Wings. I took this isn 1976 in the UK somewhere, I think Wembley Arena nr London. Thin Lizzy were a really big band back in the day. I was shooting a lot for a record label called Phonogram and more specifically their subsidiary called Vertigo. Lizzy were on Vertigo along with many others. Anyway, I did loads of work with Thin Lizzy for the label and the band. Phil Lynott was a lovely man who is sadly missed by probably millions of people. Dave Murray & Steve Harris of Iron Maiden @ Earls Court - Friday 12 December 2003 on their 'Dance of Death' Tour. This was back in the day when Franpton Comes Alive was released. One of the biggest selling live double albums of all time. It was and is a great album. I still have it somewhere. I must find it and get playing it again, it was so good. This photo was taken at the Rainbow Theatre, London in 1979. The legendary Tony Bennett performing at The Royal Albert Hall, London,UK. This taken at the Queens Goden Jubilee Concert in Cardiff, Wales UK on June 1st 2002 The Foo Fighters performing at London's Earls Court, London UK on 17th December 2005. This photo was used as a double page spread in Spin Magazine in the US.  Dave has a kind of freaky hair thing going on here. Rolling Stones US Tour 2003 - Phoenix, Arizona, USA Formerly of The Jam and Style Council,Paul was recording a TV special and I was one of two photographers who shot this. He is a brilliant & talented chap and really nice as well. A true gent. Pink Floyd live at Knebworth in 1975. This was one of his biggest performances, Live 8. I cant remember how many people were watching this show worldwide, I think it was billions. No wonder he said he was more than nervous before the gig. This was the last time that all four members of Pink Floyd performed together. It was at Live 8 - Hyde Park, London UK. This was in 2005 This live shot of Little Richard was taken at the Universal Ampfitheatre in Los Angeles. It was supposed to be his 70th birthday and farewell concert. I was reliably informed that he was actually much older than 70 and he has since played many concerts. So, so much for all that 70th and no more performances then! Live at Wembley Arena, UK Formerly of the Supremes performing at the Blenheim Palace Music Festival Woodstock Oxfordshire. UK. Photograph taken during Street Legal tour in the USA, 1978 Wayne Coyne - The Flaming Lips. They are one of the most entertaining bands in the world. If you get the chance to see them, then make sure you do. They are also really lovely people. The legend was performing at private party at Studio 54 in New York City USA Febuary 28th 1980. I went to the club with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley from Kiss and fellow photographer Barry Levene Bez & Shaun Ryder of The Happy Mondays performing at the Brixton AcademyLondon. UK. This photograph was taken at the Kilburn State Gaumont, London during the filming of The Who's film, 'The Kids Are Alright' The audience only had about two hours notice. I remember it being announced on Capital Radio, I think by Nicky Horne. He said if you want to see one of the worlds biggest bands live, get over to the Kilburn State Gaumont now. The place was full in minutes. Lead singer Wayne Coyne is charismatic and funny. They are one of the most entertaining bands in the world. If you get the chance to see them, then make sure you do. They are also really lovely people. Bob Dylan
In 1978 I became Bob Dylans official photographer. I am not entirley sure where this was taken,but, it was somewhere on the East Coast of USA, probably, Boston Garden, Newhaven Ct or Madison Sqare Garden. MTV European Music Awards 2004 Show at Torr di Valle, Rome, Italy Wayne Coyne - The Flaming Lips. They are one of the most entertaining bands in the world. If you get the chance to see them, then make sure you do. They are also really lovely people. The Who live at Harewood House, Leeds Pink Floyd live at Knebworth in 1975. Jon Bon Jovi of Bon Jovi performing at Wembley Arena London Live at Leeds again. I was the only person allowed to photograph this show. The Who went back to Leeds University which is where they originally recorded their monumental album "Live at Leeds" That was claimed by many to be the best ever live album by any artist and I totally agree. Anyway, this was years later in the very same small but incredibly hot canteen in 2006 Pink Floyd -This was a tribute concert for the late (and founder) member of Pink Floyd. As it happend this was the last time Pink Floyd played together. Although Roger Waters was there and performed seperatly, Pink Floyd along with Oasis's bass player Andy Bell performed with Dave Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright who has since sadly died of cancer. So, that was it, the end of Floyd there and then. Here he is, not quite performing, but here anyway at the World Music Awards with some kids. Michael was, according to the organizers, going to perform. But not according to him. After a 45 minute delay, he walked out on stage and just smiled nicely and kind of sung along with a part of one verse of 'We are The World' He looked rather confused and believe it or not a little embarrassed. He then swiftly left the stage and that was that.